Bedtime Stories and Nursery Rhymes for the Millennial Child


The First Story


Ketchup or Syrup?

This fun filled rhyme along story follows Hazel and Zee, two best friends who make a friendly bet over which topping is better  to put on eggs. Find out who wins the bet and surprisingly what they learn along the way!

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About The Bedtime Series...


Did you know TV, computer, and phone screens before bed make it much harder for your child to fall asleep at night?

Reading  to your child before bed not only helps advance their speech, language,  & reading level, but it also supports your child with using their  imagination in their already developing brain, making it easier to fall  asleep at night.

The Bedtime Series mission is to continue to provide up to date lessons and morals that  teach millennial children HOW to think instead of WHAT to think.

Easy, comprehensive, and most importantly relate-able!

Ketchup or Syrup?

The first book in the bedtime series is available now! Let this classic  rhyme along favorite start you and your child on a journey to bonding that  will be remembered forever.

A story for listeners as young as 2 and readers as old as 10 to enjoy!

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The Bedtime Series